"Al the Green Rain Train" and GOOGLE

"Al the Green Rain Train" and GOOGLE
"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children, can be purchased on Amazon

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Radio Disney and Al the Green Rain Train" (..am 1470..)

Parents and Grandparents Introduce your child or Grandchildren
To an Environmental learning Experience, to be remembered and
Appreciated, "Al the Green Rain Train " a children's picture book
Click on link below and check out the book Reviews !!
Chalk It up Sacramento, 2013
Such a refreshing educational learning experience, with the train that makes It
Rain, with colorful Illustrations, and a glossary with words like appreciation, conservation
awareness and more, click on link,  you'll be glad that you did

Monday, July 22, 2013

"Ruth Watson-Morris" (...will Educate....)

A comment about "Al the Green Rain Train" (a children's picture book)
By "Ruth Watson-Morris", Author of, In Search of The Dragons,
Fight for Vox......and more.
"Ruth Watson-Morris"
The environment is such an important subject, I am always happy to share and buy books that will educate and benefit my Grandchildren. Teach them to look after our beautiful planet now
(above comment by)  "Ruth Watson-Morris"

Not only does this book teach our younger generation about
Our environment, It also serves as a reminder to All, on how
Important It is to conserve and recycle, a learning experience to
Be remembered and appreciated, and yes "Al the Green Rain Train"
Has a glossary, with words like, appreciation, conservation, awareness
And More,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Environmental Book for Children" (..Al the Gre...)

Parents, and Grandparents
Introduce your child or Grandchildren, to a environmental
Learning experience to be remembered and appreciated. check
Out the reviews on amazon or author house. you'll be glad that
You did !! Yes sometimes "Al the Green Rain Train" gets
Confused and puts to much rain in one place that's called a
Torrential down pour !!!

 Yes "Al the Green Rain Train" has a Glossary
The Train that makes It Rain